51 on Kloofnek51 on Kloofnek

Another iconic Cape Town hotel has closed its doors :( 51 on Kloofnek (or 51 on Kloof as she was affectionately known) was a Boutique Hotel & Guesthouse in Tamboerskloof/Gardens part of the city bowl in Cape Town. Sadly, it closed closed for business in October 2012. As the name says, it was situated at number 51 on Kloofnek road (next to the start of Warren Street), close to a number of restaurants, bars and shops; a downhill walk into the city; or a short drive to the Cable Car station on Table Mountain, Lion's Head, Signal Hill or the iconic Clifton Beach. Also closeby is the Tamboerskloof Primary School.

The house, a national monument, was built in the 1950s and we're sure this isn't the last chapter of its history.

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pool & terrace at 51 on KloofnekWant to know more? Read Tripadvisor reviews of 51 on Kloof.

If you're looking for a spot to stay, do not despair as it's easy to find a Cape Town hotel to stay at. Those willing to trade up a few numbers from 51, can go and enjoy the superior views from 129 on Kloof Nek. If you haven't broken the code yet, let me say that they're very proud of their street in this area, and like naming their spots with the street numbers, so it may not surprise to know that there is another spot called "56 Kloof Nek Road".

Want to keep the money in your wallet when you're travelling through Cape Town - then stay at 10 Kloof Road where you'll find the Amber Tree House backpackers.

Opposite the Amber Tree House, at 8 Kloof Road, is a restored Cape Victorian House, named "The Leeuwenvoet Guest House", which was built in 1892, and these days features a lovely deck with a view of the mountain and plunge pool.


The road is filled with touristy restaurants like Miller's Thumb at 10B Kloof Nek Road, which is known for their mud pies and free fish.

The Maharajah Indian restaurant is well known for its hot curries - it's situted on the corner of Kloofnek & Woodside Road.

If you're a bit, dare I say, younger then you may enjoy Rafiki's Bar & Restaurant, which is on the corner of New Church Street & Kloofnek Road (13B Kloof Nek Road), and features not just food but also dancing. A lot of patrons sit in the outdoor area, enjoying playing Capetonians favourite game - people watching.

Kloofnek Road

Kloofnek Road is the only road which rises up from the city all the way to the gap between Lions Head and Table Mountain.

The road starts at the edge of the City of Cape Town, next to Long Street Baths, and is situated a short drive from Table Mountain, Clifton and the city centre. If you're walking to the city centre, then be aware that it's easy to get to as the walk there is downhill, but the walk back up can be very sweaty on a hot Cape summer's day.

At the top of Kloofnek road you find the literal "kloof nek", and this is where the popular pipe track hike begins. The pipes were originally used for carrying water, but now aren't used for anything, other than crazy hikers who try to balance on the pipes as they cross various gullies.

There is even a school next to Kloofnek Road - Jan van Riebeeck Primary School, named after the Dutch settler who in 1652 arrived in Cape Town to start a refreshment station for Dutch ships making their way to the east.